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About Us.

Our Mission

To make your life easier by giving you the right tools for the job. 

What we do

We Build the Builder - so you can build your application!   Schemation is an off-the-shelf database build engine that will satisfy the largest developments.

Who we are How we came to be

Schemation is a young and innovative company formed by people with a passion for engineering excellence and a desire to make a difference in the development community.

Our founding members are from DBA and Application development backgrounds and understand the challenges facing developers in today's high paced workforce.

The Schemation product and database build methodology did not arise as early as it should have done.  For many years its creator travelled from company to company as a freelance DBA.  Though the people changed and offices changed one thing didnít change - the need, almost every time, to design and implement a database build process that could be used for the new project.  Every time, he learnt lessons from the previous mistakes and from the proís and conís of the various methods he had employed in the past. 

One day he finally realised what was happening, he was re-inventing the wheel each time and getting more and more fed up with the whole process.  Then finally he and a group of developers and DBAs had an opportunity to design a build process from scratch and think through a proper design.  The result is Schemation DEM Ė a Database Environment Manager which includes all the functionality and features any development team should ever require from a database build process.

But things did not just stop with the build process itself.  After careful consideration of the requirements of the process, the Schemation development team focused their attentions to the way in which schemas and objects named and to the way security could be maintained in a database environment.  And so the build process grew hand in hand with a set of naming standards and coding standards which went together in a nice little group of methods which could be employed across a wide range of database build scenarios. 

Thus, after years of development and product refinement to meet application team's database build requirements, Schemation was born.