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PMs, DBA's, Developers, and Testers all benefit from Schemation DEM implementations.
Projects delivered using Schemation will save money, will be delivered in a shorter timeframe, with improved quality.

DBAs benefit from Schemation implementations by significantly reducing administration and support tasks.

Developers gain independence from DBAs and are able to build and rebuild your own personal copy of your application's database without the need for DBA assistance.

Testers can run multiple environments with different datasets and database build versions and have the  freedom and power to be more efficient.

PM Projects delivered using Schemation will save money, will be delivered in a shorter timeframe, with improved quality, and a more secure and robust data-model.
PMs Save Money Save money by reducing development costs
As a project manager, you can reduce your development costs by buying and off-the-shelf commercial product rather than building it yourself.  In the words of one of our customers "If my DBA had cobbled up a bunch of hashed together database build scripts, it would have cost double what we paid for Schemation, but no way would it have given us these features!".  In addition to this very tangible cost saving, you will also save your project money by improving the efficiency of your development teams, DBAs and testers.
Improve Project's Quality Improve your application's database quality by adopting our coding standards
We have put a lot of effort into our build process, so you don't have to! As a result, your project will immediately benefit from a set of database naming and coding standards that make good, proven, sense for large and small projects alike. You won't have to ask someone to write your project's naming standards before you start coding - just use our generally applicable ones.
Deliver Projects Quicker Get your product to market quicker by reducing development and test effort
Your team will be up and running with a well-designed, scaleable and easy to use, fully-documented database build process (that works!) before you even start.  This means that all your team's efforts can be employed on your main project deliverables, and not on wasting time inventing and documenting things like build processes, data load processes and so on.
Tighten Database Security Tighten your databases security using our PandaFoot(TM) database security model
Many projects start by adopting a database security model that gets extended later in the project. This is usually because the work and effort required, initially, is prohibitive. Work proceeds on the application development whilst security implications are pushed back. Schemation gives a very simple, but powerful, method for defining the security set-up of your project's database. Grants, synonyms and multiple schemas are so easy to define that there'll be no reason to have it deferred.
Reduce Management Overhead Significantly reduce the management activates necessary to support multiple development environments
Schemation makes light work of multiple database environments built to differing versions of source code. Setting up a test or support database built to a specific version is as easy as pushing a few buttons on a web page. This makes it so easy to manage application development from infancy through to production support. With our web-based 'environment monitor' page you always get an accurate picture of what environments you have available, and their states.
DBA  Database Administrators benefit from Schemation implementations by significantly reducing administration and support tasks associated with managing database environments. They will also benefit by enhancing their service offering with a product that gives their customers (Developers and Test Managers) what they want - independent control over their own database.
Reduce Administration Reduce administration by delegating mundane and time-consuming admin tasks to your end users
Schemation significantly reduces the amount of administrative tasks that a DBA has to undertake to support multiple database environments.  Copying complete schemas, rebuilding schemas with any named versions of a database, reloading databases with clean test data and many other similar DBA activities are all implemented with just a few clicks on a web page.  Administration tasks are reduced further still if you choose to delegate the responsibility to the users to implement themselves.
Improve Service Offering Enhance your offering by giving your users want they want - their own environment with total control
Wouldn't is be great if you could give developers enough privileges to drop and re-create their environments without compromising the safety of other environments or accounts?  Schemation becomes the middleman between you and your users.  You control who is allowed to perform build operations on which environments and then let go of the reigns!  Users will only be able to build, or rebuild environments which are either theirs, or under their control.  This you can do without giving away any DBA privileges.  In fact, the only system privilege the user will require will be 'create session'.  This means you don't have to get bogged down with every little request, of course, your users will be able to do more for themselves, making everyone involved happy and Larry Ellison!
Avoid Re-Invention Avoid re-inventing the wheel;  save yourself the effort and cost of building a DEM buy one instead
As a DBA you have probably been asked (more than once) to build a database build process for your application team and you will probably be asked again in the future.  Save yourself the effort of re-inventing the wheel; rather the build yet another bespoke db-build process implement Schemation which will support all your projects.
Reduce Support Calls Reduce support calls by providing developers with a tool that helps identify their own problems.
If you choose to use Schemation on your project you will significantly reduce the number of support calls you will get from your developers.  Schemation's error handling and reporting features practically tell developers whats wrong with their database definition scripts.
Promote DB Security Provide your development teams with a tool that promote secure database design
As A DBA you will no doubt take Database security seriously.  Unfortunately you are often not involved in the application design process until its too late to change and you have no option than to put an applications database in to the production with a poor security model (i.e. one login account that has full permissions over all database objects).  Like yourself, good DBAs will know the better way of accessing critical database is via specific accounts that only have access (via grants, roles and synonyms etc) to the objects that they should have access to.  Schemation makes the so easy that it would be very difficult not to design the database securely from day one - The overall benefit for you - Application database developed using Schemation have a secure data model.
Developer  As a developer, you and your development team will gain many benefits by using Schemation's Database Environment ManagerTM (DEM) on your project.  From the outset you will have access to a functionally rich, quality database build tool that easily integrates into your new or existing development environment.  It gives you and each of your co-developers  independence from your DBA by allowing you to build and rebuild your own personal copy of your application's database without the need for DBA assistance. These (and other) benefits are described below.
Gain Autonomy Gain autonomy by getting your own database environment to do with as you please
With your own personal database environment you can drop tables, alter stored procedures, modify test data and generally make any change you like to your database safe in the knowledge you cannot affect anybody else. 
Improve Efficiency Comprehensive database build process from day one
Nearly all development projects require a database build process.  Schemation meets all database build requirements. Why build one when you can buy one for a fraction of the cost and have it in place on the very first day of your project?
Become Empowered Become empowered by gaining privileges to execute commands normally reserved for DBAs
If you work in an environment that takes database security seriously (and most do nowadays) the level of control your have over your database will probably be restricted (for example you will not be able to drop and recreate your schema.  Schemation helps you overcome these restrictions by allowing your DBAs to grant you these permissions without compromising security and the whole purpose why these restrictions exist. 
Test Manager  Test Managers find testing applications easier on projects that use Schemation.  Gaining their own personal environment and being able to run multiple environments with different datasets and database build versions give them the freedom and power that makes them more efficient.
Gain Autonomy Gain control over your own environment
So often, test teams are not given the priority that they deserve.  This is especially true during early phases of development where developers and DBAs seem to be always up-to-their-necks is urgent requests.  With Schemation, you are only a few key clicks ways from having your own environments.  You will be given control on what state you would like them to be built to, and when to build them.  You are released from dependence on other members of the team.  You will obviously still have to wait until the data modellers, or DBA release a new version of the database schema, but, at least when this happens you are free to continue with your own work. 
Ease Testing Run multiple environments simultaneously
The number of environments that you traditionally play with is usually dependent on the amount of free time that your DBA has.  With Schemation, you will find that this is not a restriction at all.  In new ways you will discover the luxury of being able to control multiple environments for different things.  Even when testing one environment, you could be building a few more ready for a different set of tests.  Schemation opens this door, just by making it so easy to perform builds!
Overcome Time-Constraints Overcome Time Constraints
If you join a project as a test manager late in its development lifecycle and (quite rightly) ask for your own personal set of test environments you may often get the response 'No sorry, its too much effort to set-up'  Schemation helps you overcome this barrier; for very little outlay (in some cases free) you could integrate Schemation into an established project within a day.