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Schemation DEM Builds Deploys and Manages database environments.

The Schemation Database Environment Manager(TM) (DEM) is a software product that integrates seamlessly into your new or existing development and production environments - taking on the responsibility of building, deploying and managing your database environments.

It gives Developers their own personal databases - to build and rebuild as often as required without the need for DBA privileges and safe in the knowledge they cannot negatively impact any other members of their team.

It frees DBA's from the mundane and time consuming tasks of managing application teams' database environments and troubleshooting database build scripts when they go wrong.

It empowers Test Managers by enabling them to effortlessly reproduce database environments with any chosen datasets and refresh this data at the touch of a button - all without the assistance of DBAs or Developers.

It benefits Project Managers of 'Greenfield' projects by saving money, reducing the development lifecycle and improving the quality and security of their application's database.

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