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We would like you start using Schemation as soon as possible, so we have created this Quick Start for you.
Schemation has three main components:
    1) The 'Server' (which does all the work)
    2) The 'Console/WebApp ' (a browser-based interface that Schemation users use to administer their database environments, and
    3) The 'Build Client' that provides developers with full control over their environment.
This 'Quick Start' provides you with a step by step guide on installing each of these.

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Getting Started - Installation
1. Install Server PDF Icon HTML Icon
2. Install DEM Admin Console (Webapp) PDF Icon HTML Icon
3. Install Build Client None HTML Icon
Getting Started - Usage
1 Admin Console User Guide PDF Icon HTML Icon
2 Build Client Quick Start None HTML Icon
3 Build Client User Guide PDF Icon None